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We appreciate that referring your clients to us is a decision based upon trust. This is built by thoroughly understanding your needs and challenges and those of your clients – as well as being fully committed to working with you in partnership.

You can benefit from our experience of offering advice in a range of settlement types, from relatively straightforward cases to complex financial arrangements of high net worth marriages and registered civil partnerships.

When advising your clients, we believe we add value by understanding their needs and objectives and simplifying their financial options. Our focus is on providing quality advice – not on selling products – and our goal is to inspire confidence so that your clients can make the right long-term choices. Importantly, our advice is delivered by professionals who care.

Our aim is to:

  • Understand your clients’ personal circumstances and emotional dynamics.
  • Make them aware of the options open to them.
  • Explain in simple terms complex areas such as pensions and other financial arrangements.
  • Help clients make well-informed decisions.
  • Support the most appropriate financial settlement.

Two key areas of support:

Wealth management comprises two distinct roles which, when combined, can help provide the best long-term outcome for your client:

  • A Financial Planner – this specialist supports the financial proceedings in areas such as disclosure and interpretations, cashflow forecasting, pensions, personal protection, tax, allowances, benefits, retirement and passing the client’s estate on to loved ones.
  • An Investment Manager – this individual typically builds a client’s portfolio after divorce. They assist with the implementation of any pension arrangements following a pension adjustment order and help the client achieve their long-term goals through ongoing management of their investments through targeting growth, income or both.

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