Built on rock solid principles

Professional services clients such as solicitors and accountants can access Thomond Asset Management’s wealth management services both for themselves and their private clients.

You and your clients can benefit from specialist advice across a range of disciplines in investment management and financial advice.

We believe that we can add the most value to your clients by being wealth management specialists and by being involved as early as possible in any legal or transactional proceedings.

You and your clients will receive personalised, simplified advice detailing your clients’ financial options, answering their questions and assisting them in making the right decisions.

Family Solicitors

We appreciate that referring your clients to us is a decision based upon trust. This is built by thoroughly understanding your needs and challenges and those of your clients – as well as being fully committed to working ...

Corporate Advisers

We provide important wealth management support to lead advisers and their company owner clients from the earliest stages of the company exit journey....


We advise partners of law and accountancy firms throughout all stages of their career regarding their personal wealth matters....
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